The AW18 collection, titled Dipped, means ‘to be well put-together, as in fashion, style et cetera’. This was commonly used from the early to mid-90s.

Dipped aligns with my menswear brand, Joseph & James, which is founded on mixing elements of street and suiting.

During collection conception, I found myself caught up in 90’s hip-hop streetwear and the interesting flavour that era could bring. Delving deeper, I watched documentary Fresh Dressed, which further solidified my affection for this period of fashion and music, and what it brought in areas of colour, silhouette, prints/patterns, fashion influencers and diversity.

This was a time where hip-hop artists like L.L. Cool J could dictate what sold in stores through what he wore, hip-hop artists like P.Diddy could start their own successful fashion labels, and designers like Dapper Dan could be as desirable as Gucci, and Louis Vuitton.

Will Smith was a heavy hitter during this period – largely due to the hit TV show he was fronting at that time, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Not only one to watch on TV, he was also highly popular for his hip-hop rhymes and the fashions he wore. Brands would approach him to wear their product, just so that it could be seen on The Fresh Prince.

I looked into what Smith’s songs were about during that time, what was shown in his music videos, and if there was any reoccurring themes. I found there was a repeated reference to a favourite past time, and that was of course basketball. Inspired by this, I created the Playbook print, which features in Look Two.

The inspiration behind the Dipped collection, whilst incorporating technologies and methods such as screen printing, embroidery, and fully fashioned knit, has helped create a strong story for consumers to connect with.


Model: Konker
Photography: Vlad Savin Photography
Director/DOP/Editor: Ashford Page



October 2017