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As a part of a final assessment piece I was required to take a mood board and brief set by Nicholas Van Messner (co-founder of LWB) and create a 30 piece collection within a group setting.

As a group we took ideas we liked from the original brief and gave it our own flavour by looking at suburbia and urban sprawl–aforementioned in the brief–and interpreting it in a way that reflected our own handwriting.

We took inspiration from aerial views of the suburbs and translated this into our pattern making as well as how different garments would look when layered over the top of each other.

Fabrications, trims and finishes were thought of in depth in order to capture the effortless, chic and fun garments already available in-store as well as appeal to the LIFEwithBIRD woman and what she would be inclined to purchase.

The prints were designed by yours truly. I took my inspiration from houseplants for the ‘Nursery Yardage Print’ as the original moodboard had images of dessert flowers and cacti and the brief also mentioned looking at the contrast between man-made and nature. The print is minimal and abstract, and adds a bold pop into the aesthetic of the collection. The second print is a placement print, and much like the name suggests, I was inspired by skywriting when creating that print.

Overall this was a very successful piece of assessment that was accompanied by a presentation directly to industry pitching our theme and ideas for an upcoming SS17 collection.


A creative collaboration between designers:
Juanita Page
Danielle Carbone
Jayden Trifunovic
Bella Brown
Lily Turnbull-Jones

This campaign video encapsulates the hard work and effort gone into the coming together of the capstone element of our final semester of the Associate Degree at RMIT.

Director/Editor – Ashford Page
Production Assistant – Felix Adsett
Models – Samantha Pearce, Annika Milena, Lena Nguyen, Jemima Crawford Smith
MUA – Danielle Carbone
Hair – INDIVIA Studio


August 2016